SLIME Cover Newt Hitler Gingrich

“There was an Axis of Evil, Iran, Iraq, North Korea. Well we’re one out of three. And people ought to think about that. If Bush was right in January of 2002 — and by the way virtually the entire Congress gave him a standing ovation when he said it — then why is it that the other two parts of the Axis of Evil are still visibly, cheerfully making nuclear weapons? And it’s because we’ve stood at brink, looked over and thought, “Too big a problem.”

Dear War Monger Republicans…

I guess you all haven’t been keeping up on current events or maybe you just seem to think this country has unlimited resources like…

  • Unlimited Young Soldiers
  • Unlimited War Surplus Funding
  • Unlimited Allies

Hmmmm… The last time we checked Newt, this country is still trying to recover financially from previous 8 years of carnage from your drinking buddy Bush. So in your diluted brain capacity you think in this fragile recovery it makes perfect sense to you and your fellow Republicans to start two more wars, correct?

Doesn’t this all sound strangely familiar? You know… Sort of like Adolf Hitler? Hitler wanted to be at war with everyone and the Jewish people were bad and needed to be exterminated. Seems that YOU Mr. Gingrich and your fellow SS Republicans want to be at war with everyone and that all the people of Muslim faith are bad and need to be exterminated… Am I missing something or does that pretty much cover it?

Just what is it with Republican Politicians with “EX” in their title conjures up views of extremism?  You know like…

  • EX-Speaker of the House – Newt “Adolf Hitler” Gingrich
  • EX-Governor of Alaska – Sarah “Eva Braun” Palin
  • EX-Vice President – Dick “Heinrich Himmler” Cheney

Think Hard America…

Is this truly what the people of America want? So you all would rather be at war with 70% of the planet spending Billions upon Trillions of your hard earned money on weapons of war, not to mention the lives of our sons and daughters? Wouldn’t you rather live in Peace and be spending your hard earned money for the health, education, and well being of US?

Think about it for just a minute… This Pathetic “Axis of Evil” knows full well that this country has unlimited nuclear weapons at it’s disposal that can be deployed any number of ways from Trident Submarines to long range bombers to inter-Continental ballistic missiles. Do we honestly believe that these pathetic, saber rattling Republican Politicians have this country and the world at our best interest? NO! These people have one agenda… To line their pockets with lobby money from Government Contractors, and if you do not believe that, you are a FOOL!   I consulted to a number of Government Contractors and during election years the word was always sent out to employees to vote Republican to make certain their WAR Machines were continually funded.

Wake Up America

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