Tea Party Twitter Liars

Just why is it that Fox News and all their pathetic news casters along with losers like Sara Palin and Christine O’Donnell continue to LIE and beat the Drum that when “THEY” are in Power, the American People are in better hands?  These pathetic Conservative Politicians want US to believe that the Democrats are EVIL and take all your money and THEY are the one’s who are “Conservative” with our money.

Well Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell Newt Gingrich and the Rest of you pathetic GOP/Tea Party LIARS, Do You all want to talk FACTS? Well here they are and do you want to keep flapping your lying mouth?

National Debt Graph

Gee… Anyone see a pattern Here?

Well Guess What Liars, do you all see a pattern here? Sure is real funny how when the Republicans are in power, the deficit INCREASES and when the Democrats are in power it DECREASES!

Do you MORONS really think the voters are that stupid? Well your pathetic mindless followers are, but the majority is not. You Pathetic Liars want to keep blaming President Obama for all the trouble.    Well let us see now… Thanks to John McCain and his Republican buddies pushing banking deregulation, this is where All the Financial mess started. You all remember the failure  of Lincoln Savings and Loan from the Keating Scandal, don’t you? Well I do, and that little domino effect led to a host of other failures in the financial marketplace, you know Enron, etc..  Then you couple that with George  Bush and his outright lie to the American public about WMD’s in Iraq, at the tune of $10 Billion a Year for 10 years, the Republicans single handily put this country on the verge of collapse. So if it had not been for Obama, this country would be in the middle of a depression right now.

Tea Bagger Liars

Every time you pathetic Tea Bagger Liars spew your trash, I’ll be throwing it right back into your face as I know you will NEVER come clean and just tell the truth as you are all the Party of LIES!

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