Arizona Birther SLIME Cover

Racism at it’s Worse!

It is truly hard to believe the century we are currently living in is at the level of the pure undeniable racism that it is! These disgusting radical right wing tea baggers Do NOT represent what this country was founded on and if the founding fathers were alive today they would be repulsed by what we are witnessing.

The absolute irony to all of this is these so called “Patriots” who wrap themselves in the Constitution and the principals to which this country was founded on are the most profound violators of the founding principles of this country.

From the moment Barack Obama was selected as the Democrats nominee for President, the vitriolic personal attacks against this man from his religion, to his parents, to his birth rights have been under attack, and two and a half years later in 2011 the Racism is still rampant with these spineless, racist cowards! In a recent Town hall meeting with this lying racist Paul Broun someone in the crowd yelled out “Who is going to Kill Obama?” Since Barack Obama has taken office the treats on his life is 400% greater than what George Bush ever received. If

State Birther Bills

Dear “Birther” Legislators in the 11 or so states and all the rest of you Birthers. Please take your long from Birth Certificat­e to your local Post Office and try and get a US Passport with it. A Long form Birth Certificat­e is issued by a Hospital which is not a legal extension of ANY City, County, or State government­al entity. A US Birth is NOT recognized in this country UNTIL the City/Count­y/State Notarized Birth Certificat­e has been filed with one of these entities. Since President Obama currently holds a US Passport he met the guidelines of being a US Citizen by submitting his notarized government birth certificat­e to the Federal Government which was before he ran for President.

Department of State Passport RequirementsTo All the States in the Country who are planning to require the “Long Form” to validate US Citizenshi­p had better wake up as the Long Form Birth Certificat­e is NOT Legally Recognized by ANY Government Agency. In addition prior to ANY State trying to “Amend” Federal Voting Laws, those changes have to be submitted to the US Department of Justice for approval. Since the Long Form Birth Certificat­e is NOT Legally recognized by the Government the Department of Justice WILL Reject any ploy by any State to Amend Federal Voting Laws. Case Closed!

Below is a video of Arizona Law Offices of David Michael CantorLawyer David Michael Cantor who openly discusses and questions this whole Birther issue and this is coming from a an Arizona Lawyer. You can follow the icon link to his website if you have questions on this issue or any other issue related to Arizona Law.

These individuals in these State Legislatures can try and deny that this is not about Racism, however, their agenda and actions are Pure Racism. This is and continues to be an issue as the GOP Does NOT have a viable candidate for 2012 and will LOSE unless they can “Fix” the Election, PERIOD!

Wake Up America! Birthers = Racists!

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