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Truth and Facts are the Enemy of the Republicans

The Republican Mantra has always been to lie, but in the last couple of years, the lies, specifically repeated lies has been the Republican calling card. The Republicans want to not only tell lies to further their agenda, but they also use fear mongering to scare the weak minded to swallow their pathetic messages.

There was one other group in the history of the modern world who lived by this creed and this statement was issued by their propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels…

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.

Of course people who know their history, know that Joseph Goebbels was the propaganda minister under Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany during World War II. In fact the similarities between today’s Republican Party and Nazi German under Hitler is frightening.

Michele Bachmann – Blatant Liar or Ignorant? BOTH!

This brings us to Michele Bachmann’s latest appearance on NBC’s Today Show, November 4, 2011. I like the folks at NBC’s Today Show, but there is one of two things happening here. Either they are limited by what they can ask or pursue, or they do not have the courage to call out these Republican Guests for their blatant lies. The problem by letting it continue, the Joseph Goebbels Propaganda lie is perpetuated leaving weak minded people to believe the rhetoric and that is bad for this country. The video is below and the Full Transcript is Here.

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Michele Bachmann is the Epitome of the Word LIE!

Never in the history of United States Politics has there been one single politician who has LIED more blatantly and consistently than Michele Bachmann. What is even more frightening is, there are people who believe this woman even to the point of giving her money. In the movie “A Few Good Men,” Jack Nicholson on the stand in the courtroom responding to Tom Cruise said “… YOU Can’t Handle the Truth…” This is exactly WHY Conservatives vote for such blatant liars, as they are NOT man or woman enough to “Handle the Truth” and they would prefer to live their lives in a delusional and sick world backed up by lying politicians who tell them exactly what they want to hear. Just what does it say about these people in this Minnesota District who continually vote this blatant LIAR in to represent them?

First We Will Look at Michelle Bachmann’s Track Record

If you do a very simple search on Google with these 3 words “Michele Bachmann Lies” Google will return nearly 3 million hits. When you consider that Michele Bachmann is only a Congresswoman and has only been in the national spotlight for about 6 months, that number is staggering.

Michele Bachman Lies Google Search

On the Pulitzer Prize Winner site, every major statement that Michele Bachmann has laid claim to has either been proven False or So False that it is a “Panties On Fire” Lie. In fact they had this to say about Michele Bachmann…

Bachmann continues to hold the rare distinction of an all-False/Pants on Fire record.
This of course means Michele Bachmann has consistently LIED on every major statement or claim she has ever made.

Michele Bachman's Record on

Even during the GOP Debates she LIES as pointed out by Crooks and Liars. And the thing is, her lies are so frequent and continual she has become very good at holding a straight face during her lie fest. Part of that problem is due to NO ONE will call her out on her blatant lies. It’s bad enough the Kiss Ass Never Fair and Never Balanced mouth of the US Conservative movement, FOX News, will sit there and nod yes and agree with everything she says. But NONE of the other News Organizations will call her out, perpetuating her lies.

This is what she answered in one of the debates about the Debt Ceiling issue…

BACHMANN: “I think we just heard from Standard & Poor’s. When they dropped our credit rating what they said is we don’t have an ability to repay our debt. That’s what the final word was from them. I was proved right in my position. We should not have raised the debt ceiling and instead, we should have cut government spending, which was not done and then we needed to get our spending priorities in order.”

Of course Crooks and Liars stated this was yet another Panties on Fire Moment and they provided what the S&P really said

Crooks and Liars Michele Bachmann

The Lies on the Today Show November 4, 2011

As we have seen, Michele Bachmann in such a short time in the national spotlight has become the Top Political Liar EVER, as everything out of her mouth is a LIE and because she consistently does it, and no one calls her out in front of a camera, it will continue. The other crack up here is Michele Bachmann’s appearance on the Today Show was to talk about Herman Cain and his Sexual Harassment problems and Today wanted her perspective, being a woman. She continually kept dodging those questions and was clearly pushing her political agenda, and it just turned into a stump speech for Bachmann and Matt Lauer let it happen as you can see from this Transcript from the Interview.

Taking just ONE of her statements, we can see that it is littered with Lies…

Michele Bachmann LIES on Today Show

Well in this ONE  “Response/Statement” we can clearly see three blatant lies that are part of the Republican Propaganda LIE Machine, which have been dis-proven many times and web site Political Correction has a long list of this GOP LIE Propaganda specific to the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act. Of course Republican Brains are too small to grasp such big words, so their translation is “ObamaCare.” Well there are other reasons, as this Act is for ‘Protecting Medical Patients” against the dirty deeds of Health Care organizations and to make Health Care Affordable to ALL Americans. The real irony here will be when this move by President Obama to make this happen and when it succeeds, his name will forever be linked to this success for the American People because of the GOP trying to make it fail.

Political Correction on Affordability Care Act

Bachmann: “ObamaCare had resulted in 800,000 jobs lost” LIE!

AP: Republican Distortion Of CBO Is “A Story Of How Statistics Get Used And Abused.” From the Associated Press

PolitiFact Rated Claim That Health Care Reform Kills Jobs “False.” From’s fact check of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s claim that the health care law is “job killing”

McClatchy: “Saying That The Law Is A Job Killer Doesn’t Necessarily Make It One.” According to McClatchy

Bachmann: “It’s at minimum $2,000 per employee and then there’s other hidden taxes beyond.” LIE! CBO Report Says Most People’s Premiums Would Decrease, Majority Of Others WouldGet Subsidies. From

Commonwealth Fund And Center for American Progress: The Affordable Care Act Will Lower Premiums For Families. The Health Care Law Helps Hold Down Premium Costs For Most People. From

Bachman: Obama care is now enforced by the IRS with 15,500 new agents. LIE!

Well this one is the Whopper of them all! Over 15 thousand IRS Agents? How does one take approximately 1 thousand IRS Full Time Employees as reported on and  exploded it to over 15 thousand? Just goes to show you how much Michele Bachmann distorts the truth and actual facts.

Fact Check IRS Agents for ObamaCare

The Cowardice of The Today Show

Perhaps the solution for all of this is to hold the Networks Feet to the Fire so that they become more responsible? It’s clear in the video that Michele Bachmann walked all over Matt Lauer and never even addressed the issue that she was brought onto the show for in the first place. Had I been the Interviewer, after the second time Michele Bachmann avoided the question, the interview would have ended and she would not have been able to give her LYING Stump Speech.

Then if that was not bad enough, when Michele Bachmann started to spew Lie after Lie Matt Lauer never once stopped her and just let it continue. So either Matt Lauer is a Coward or blatantly ignorant to the actual facts. Either way, Matt Lauer FAILED at the job he is paid to do, and allowed a known LIAR mop the floor with him!