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FOX has announced its remake of the Happy Days sitcom, originally aired in the ‘70s to early ‘80s, to try to bring back solid family values. Who other than Rush Limbaugh could play the role of the Fonz? This four-time married “hunk of burning love” will off-set the “core family values” which this sitcom will be putting forth to bring the American family back to what we at FOX tell you it MUST be.

To appeal to the same “targeted” demographics, the pistol packin’, shoot ‘em first, reload, don’t retreat, hot to all hillbillies, Sarah Palin, will be taking on the role of Mrs. C. Palin’s character of Mrs. C. will add the exact, to the point memory of the way we were. Well, because thinking back to our forefathers, as Palin so often does, her imagination of the “perfect” time in our history will soon again rise and bring us backwards where “all men” will be equal and flourish.

Roger Ailes, head of Fox News, came up with this brilliant idea as he is tired of the lies and sex scandals and wants the American public to know exactly how dangerous of a character the Fonz actually was to core family values. A more in depth look at the “conspiracy” of the original sitcom, and Fox’s version of their weekly sitcom, will be discussed on Glenn Beck’s show via his chalk board and red-colored chalk. As Beck knows all too well, EVERYTHING is a conspiracy, save for the money in his pocket from all the suckers who put it there!


Bush and Cheney Wanted Poster

This is Just the Beginning…

The following are links to the International Laws as well as Domestic Laws which George Bush and certain members of his administration thought did not pertain to them. They were above these laws but would dare to hold others in violation of same. Bush Administration Lies about Iraq

We hope that you will support the Indict Bush Now Campaign. Please read an excerpt from their Web site.

“Our movement is helping to shine a bright light on the many crimes of Bush and his cronies. Not only are former Bush administration officials under investigation in Spain, investigations also have been launched in Italy, Australia, Canada, Lithuania, Poland and the United Kingdom.

On March 19, the 8th anniversary of the illegal invasion of Iraq, thousands of people will be hitting the streets in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and elsewhere. The American people are standing up to say that no one is above the law – that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and other high officials must be prosecuted for their crimes.” ~Indict Bush Now Campaign.

The American people have a special responsibility to expose Bush. Next month Iraq war veterans, who are working with IndictBushNow, are traveling to the White House to demand that Bush be indicted for war crimes.


Amnesty International is calling on the world to demand a criminal investigation into former President George W. Bush’s role in torture. You can sign this petition located on the Amnesty International Webside


On February 7, 2011, The Center for Constitutional Rights publicly released the “Preliminary Bush Torture Indictment.” Please see all documents regarding this indictment. The exhibit list contains more than 2,500 pages of supporting material. You can support this indictment to help ensure accountability and bring justice to those who believe they are above all laws.

The ACLU is calling for a full investigation into the Bush war crimes to include the higher officials of this administration whom were a party to these atrocities. Please do your part to ensure justice does prevail and that no one, including former President George W. Bush and his administration, is not above the law. Please sign the petition to the Attorney General. Thank you.