Red State Socialism

Facts, Don’t You Just Hate Them?

Isn’t it just so interesting how the biggest complainers of this country moving toward Socialism are people like Sarah Palin and the Tea Party? Click on the Image above and see which states get more government money than they give. And just look who is in the top three and the third most socialist state in this country. Yes folk’s it’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska! But that’s not all folks… Here is Ms. Palin’s own words about her Socialist little State and how the Wealth is redistributed to every man, woman, and child in Alaska.

Sarah Palin the Socialist

So as the Chart Image States…

  • Of the 32 States which receive more than they contribute, 27 states (84%) are Republican
  • Of the 18 States which contribute more than they receive 14 States (78%) are Democrat

Yes the Source Numbers are from 2007 for the periods of 1981 – 2005 from the Tax Foundation and once new numbers are available this blog will be updated with the latest data and it is not expected to change much. Louisiana will probably moved to the top given the aid due to Katrina and the Gulf Oil Spill.

The funniest thing here, the ones crying the loudest about Federal Spending and Socialism are the very ones crying the loudest to seek the aid from the Federal Government. Bobby Jindal and Louisiana is pure proof of this fact.

Remember… and VOTE November 2nd!

The More things Change the More they remain the same.

I Remember how the Republican Party in just 8 short years nearly destroyed this country. The Radical Right Wing Brigade want you to believe that President Obama is a Socialist. The real sad thing here is the weak minded people who believe this are the very ones President Obama is fighting for, the Common Man. If all these “Conservatives” believe the Republicans and the Tea Party represent them, they are sadly mistaken.  Just WHO do you think has been funding all these radical, ignorant fools in the Tea Party? The Common man? NO, Big Business so that they can get these spineless idiots into congress to push their agendas, and if YOU Don’t Vote… Big Business Wins!

Wake up America! VOTE in November to send these Radical Whack Jobs like Beck, Palin, Angle, Paul, and O’Donnell a clear message.

She keeps going and going with no end in sight!

Ah Ms. Clown… I mean Witch… I Mean Retard will your mouth ever stop from getting you into trouble? So utterly doubtful as there is so much on you that you make Palin look like Einstein! By the By Ms. SALT O’Donnell… What is with all these gaping mouth photos of you? Are you trying out for the stunt double for the new Linda Lovelace film?

Clown Witch

News Flash!

During the 2006 Delaware Senatorial Primary Debate Ms “I make up Dosies” O’Donnell had this to say about US Policy with China. Full Story and Comments on Huffington Post

China had a “carefully thought out and strategic plan to take over America” and accused one opponent of appeasement for suggesting that the two countries were economically dependent and should find a way to be allies.

“That doesn’t work,” she said. “There’s much I want to say. I wish I wasn’t privy to some of the classified information that I am privy to.”

“A country that forces women to have abortions and mandates that you can only have one child and will not allow you the freedom to read the Bible, you think they can be our friend?” she asked. “We have to look at our history and realize that if they pretend to be our friend it’s because they’ve got something up their sleeve.”

“Classified information that I am privy to…”

Ms. O’Donnell… The only thing YOU are “Privy” to are instructions on how to flush a toilet and it’s doubtful you can even comprehend that information! I suppose the next thing we will be hearing about you is that you were with Moses when he collected the Ten Commandments. Keep it up Sweetie… You are the Witch that will never stop giving!

Dopey Witch’s Greatest Hits thus far!

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