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How each Political Party reacts to human tragedy

These two Collage Photos show a distinct difference between the Republican President and Party as compared to the Democratic President and Party when severe disasters hit humankind.

Katrina Disaster with Bush and McCain

From Republicans…

During Hurricane Katrina and the devastation that followed, then current President Bush was laughing it up with his brown nose buddy McCain celebrating his pathetic birthday while people were dying and suffering from the impact of Hurricane Katrina…

Sally Anthony "So Long" Music VideoLink To Sally Anthony “So Long” Music Video

From Democrats…

Obama and Hati Earthquake Disaster in Hati

A show of care, compassion, and commitment from President Obama for the Earthquake victims in Haiti. Quit a stark difference in not only policy, but in the care for fellow human beings in the wake of a severe disaster.

Seems to me that the Republicans and the Republican Party stands for War, Torture, and the lack of care for our fellow humans… The Republican Party DOES NOT Represent America and the things this country stands for. All they care about are their own personal agendas for the good of them and screw everyone else!

Wake Up America!

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