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It’s All They Have… Because the Truth Hurts!

Well it’s certainly comical witnessing the Right and their silly attempts to spread talking point lies from their political factions and the news media that is about as fair as a used car salesman at the end of the month, and as balanced as an elephant on a strand of fishing line. I’m not sure what is more pathetic, their gullible belief in the lies being told to them, or the fact they are stupid enough to go on a liberal website to try and preach this stupidity to people who know better and who can bury them in facts.

What is truly amazing is how one can provide overwhelming proof to these numbskulls on a given topic and the only way they will ever believe what you are telling them is to funnel it through Fox News. Then as predictable as the sun rising in the East, when they are called on their talking point bullshit, their modus operandi is to get the people who challenged their silly points to do their research to prove them otherwise. Of Course this translates into “We don’t have a fucking clue and we want to waste your time so we can see what we can get away with…”

Bin Laden Death Certificate

One overwhelming example of this has been continual assault on the President’s citizenship and these gullible morons kept lining up claiming the President was not a US Citizen. The Certified Copy of Obama’s Birth Certificate, which is required as proof of citizenship in order to get a US Passport, was released by the President in the summer of 2008. But of course this was not good enough, and morons continued trying to gather steam for the real reason (They cannot stand to have a black man in the White House) and they gather more gullible simpletons at various state congressional groups to try and get laws passed to prevent the President from being re-elected. Of course the whole time the President sort of ignored it but smiled how these idiots were hanging themselves. Then the biggest Gullible Moron, Donald Trump, stepped into the ring and made a horses ass of himself even bragging that he “had private investigators on the ground in Hawaii and they were uncovering massive amounts of damaging information.” So the President in Pity for the fools and a desire to stop the circus, presented his Long Form Birth Certificate. Sure is funny how Trump’s Hot Shot investigators have never been heard from. The point of this really is to show how utterly stupid these people are and Obama’s Birth Certificate is pure proof of this fact.  Of course these same idiots are lining up questioning the Death of Osama Bin Laden and we on the left are just continue to laugh at them.

This All Brings Me To One Day on Huffington Post (5/9/2011)…

Today there was an article on Huffington Post talking about Newt Gingrich being on the verge of announcing his candidacy for President and in reviewing some of the comments I ran into this little gem. First thing you will notice are the grammatical and spelling  errors which is consistent with the Right. Then you will notice that “they” make mention that “trumped up charges” against Gingrich were “Bogus” but did not provide backup as to why they were “bogus.” Finally they say that President Obama “is a very bad President” again with no reasons or proof to back up their position. What is truly amazing is this individual feels that a Womanizing War Monger is “Brilliant” which says a lot for this person’s judge of character.

Newt is a brilliant mine who was a great speaker and would have been a great president EXCEPT his personal live is an albatross around his neck as well as the rather poor way he reacted to the trumped up book charges which were found to be bogus.

The family issue would not necessaril­y be huge except he is up against a man who while I think is a very bad president has an impeccable family life with no hint of any scandal.

So Then I replied with this with a link to a post I did on the President’s accomplishments in just his first 18 months in office and this list was provide by Dr. Robert Watson from Lynn University.

Huffington Post Comment

Quicksand With Rocks In Their Pockets

It’s truly amazing how someone with a bad position can continue to make their position worse by shooting their mouths off with a bunch of talking point rhetoric. The truly scary thing is they fully believe this nonsense, again based on their “Perceptions” and NOT actual facts. Well You are going to absolutely Love this reply to my post above and we can see how uninformed and absurd they are and I’m going to reply with the FACTS to some of them.

  • Unemployme­nt 9% U6 the actual unemployme­nt rate is 20%
  • Value of the dollar down
  • Massive inflation in gas prices
  • Massive inflation in food
  • govt control of the internet
  • Consumer confidence in the basement
  • Proposed mileage tax on top of gas taxes
  • Europe is not crazy about us
  • GM

To name a few.

“Doing things” does not make you good. Activity is not the basis of good. Sometimes inactivity is preferable­.

that is my opinion to which I am entitled as you are most certainly to yours.

Doing Nothing!

OMG! I don’t even know where to start other than I did a quick response telling them to back up their claims and get this… They respond back and tell ME to research all their points! Of course this just proves MY Point over and over in that all they can do is throw some mud out there to see if it will stick and when they are called to back up their statements, they go into back peddle mode and try to throw it back at you because they have NO Clue in how to get the answers. Then they say that Bush is not relevant in the discussion… Hmmm So I guess President Obama is the First President of the USA and from which the benchmark starts then. 80+ Percent of what this county and President are dealing with were a direct result of George Bush’s 8 years and the proof of that is all over the internet and you are a delusional fool if you believe otherwise.

Now Let Us Talk Some Facts From This Fairytale List

“Unemployme­nt 9% U6 the actual unemployme­nt rate is 20%”

Flat Out LIE! The Unemployment rate is NOT 20% Chart is from the United States  Bureau of Labor & Statistics

US Unemployment Figures

“Value of the dollar down”

Flat Out LIE! Chart compares the US Dollar to the Pound Sterling and the Euro and is trended from January 1 2009 to January 1 2011. I have a friend that invests heavily in the Forex Currency Markets. The US Dollar is on an upward trend.

Foreign Currency Value to USD

“Massive inflation in gas prices”

Flat Out Lie! We can see from the Gas Price Chart below it shows the last year of the Bush Administration (An OIL MAN By the Way) and we can see that it was significantly higher than the first 30 months of the Obama Administration. Over the past few months gas prices have trended up, primarily due to the unrest in the Middle East which the United States has no control over.

Gas Prices Trend

“Massive inflation in food”

Flat Out Lie! Curious how they were very specific about “Food” as inflation numbers generally look at all goods and services. Once again we can see from the chart that this “Talking Point” is just more Rush Limbaugh Talking Point Lies. We can clearly see that the Inflation Rate was much higher in the last year of George Bush and it dropped off significantly under President Obama. The Only thing that is “Massive” is their Massive Diluted Brain!

Inflation Rate Trend

“Govt control of the internet”

Flat Out LIE! I don’t know whether to bust out laughing or just shake my head in how much the Uninformed Right listens to the talking point fear mongering by people like Rush Limbaugh. Of Course the Fear Mongers spew this shit to control their Mindless Sheep because they know that these Spineless and Mindless Sheep will not research the truth. The Utter Irony here is the new regulations put into place is to  Protect Us, the Consumers, from big internet providers from controlling and monopolizing our internet access. So these worthless Fear Mongers flip the actual regulations and You Mutton Heads swallow the entire fishing pole without actually reading the regulations that were put into place.

Net Neutrality Fear Mongering

“Consumer confidence in the basement”

Flat Out LIE! n the United States, consumer confidence improved to 65.4 in April of 2011 from 63.8 in March of 2011. In the United States, The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) is a barometer of the health of the U.S. economy from the perspective of the consumer.

US Consumer Confidence

“Proposed mileage tax on top of gas taxes”

Flat Out Lie! There was an effort by some of the individual states to use a “mileage tax” to help cover the costs of road repair.  President Obama’ s Position is below.

Obama's Positoin on Gas Mileage Tax

“Europe is not crazy about us”

Flat Out Lie! As we can see from the Poll Results from The Wall Street Journal – Europe, the Europeans have a more favorable view of the USA since President Obama took office. Of course this Dipstick responded to one of my answers saying that England and Germany absolutely Loved George Bush. Really? Tell You what… I’ll purchase a ticket for Bush to fly to either London or Berlin and we will just see what happens, as there have been warrants issued for George Bush’s Arrest for War Crimes against Humanity.

How Europe Sees America


Well I have No idea what their point is on this one as 2 letters in the alphabet which represent General Motors but we are not mind readers. I guess what they are trying to infer is that “President Obama” is i the car business with General Motors. Of course we know that’s a fallacy and an Outright LIE!  Sure is funny how these Rightie Tightie Limbaugh Sheep have short memories and do not keep up on current events. It was George W. Bush who agreed to the Big Three Bailout not President Obama and as we can see the Big Three are back on a profitability path and the Federal Government has unloaded most all the stock options given to the Fed by GM as the loan Guarantee. So I guess the Right’s position would have been to let the Big Three Fail and put millions of people out of work then?

Automobile Bailout Recap

The Fox Fool Parade

I’m not certain what is more pathetic, the Fox Fools who believe the “Fox Talking Point Rhetoric” with absolutely no proof to their lies; or the fact these morons go onto progressive sites like Huffington Post spouting the Fox Fallacies and Lies with horrible grammar and spelling. Either way,  these numbskulls will always believe Talking Point Lies before they believe pure Indisputable Facts, and that is sad indeed.

Fred Upton SLIME


Well that’s what Representative Fred Upton (R – Michigan) House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman will tell you. Well so will several million screaming Rightie Nut Jobs. But let us separate those two for a moment (Lying Politicians and their fanatical supporters). Let’s go to the video shall we?

When pressed by the Interviewer for the specific answer Mr. Upton does finally concede to answer… He believes in Global Warming, but does not believe Global Warming is man made. So What other Positions has Mr. Upton taken?

  • EPA’s plan to regulate carbon emissions was “an unconstitutional power grab…”
  • “The best solution is for Congress to overturn the EPA’s proposed greenhouse gas regulations outright”
  • If his attack on the EPA does not work Upton appears prepared to halt the EPA’s regulatory process with a deluge of legal challenges.
  • “This presumes that carbon is a problem in need of regulation. We are not convinced….”
  • As reported by Reuters, “Upton has called for opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling, scaling back government aid for renewable energy and voiced opposition to requiring electric utilities to use alternative energy for some of their power generation.”

So Mr. Upton wants to destroy the EPA, Wants to scale back Renewable Energy,  opposes Alternative Energy, Oh and Drill Baby Drill!

Why Fred Upton?

I’ll Tell You WHY… Money!

Simply ask yourself, Who’s Agenda is Served by Politicians Killing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Promoting Oil & Gas Production in ANWR Alaska, Stopping the Research and Promotion of Alternative and Renewable Energy? Yes the answer is very obvious… Big Oil & Energy! Big DIRTY Oil wants EPA regulations removed as well as requirements to pursue alternative and renewable energy so that they can be free to not only pollute the Earth by oil production as well as increased allowable green house gasses.

Who has contributed to Mr. Upton’s political aspirations and filled his pockets to take these positions… The Very Same Answer… Big Oil & Energy!  It should be no surprise that Fred Upton is assaulting the EPA so that the deregulation of the energy industry can commence. Well color me surprised! His top donor is “nuclear waste giant Energy Solutions,” just one of the energy conglomerates that have fueled his campaigns.

Fred Upton's Contributors

Global Warming Man Made?

So Fred Upton and the GOP/Tea Party want everyone to believe that Man Made Global Warming is nothing but a hoax. Why? Because the GOP always has and always will be aligned with Big Oil and Energy as well as defense contractors. Wars with the Middle East is their Mantra as they want to keep America’s addiction to oil instead of Clean Renewable Energy and Energy Independence.

Update 3/12/2011 | Results of an 18 Year NASA Study (Video)

What are the Real Facts?

Global Warming IS Man Made and years of studies by scientist and climatologist all over the world, who are NOT in the back pocket of Energy & Oil Companies, have the overwhelming proof.

Agencies Supporting Studies

Studies and Statistical Data supported by:

  • Department of Commerce
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Interior
  • Department of State
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • NASA
  • National Science Foundation
  • Smithsonian Institution
  • United States Agency for International Development
  • United States Department of Agriculture
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency

Sources: United States Global Change Research Program

Human activities have led to large increases in heat-trapping gases over the past century.

The Earth’s climate depends on the functioning of a natural “greenhouse effect.” This effect is the result of heat-trapping gases (also known as greenhouse gases) like water vapor, carbon dioxide, ozone, methane, and nitrous oxide, which absorb heat radiated from the Earth’s surface and lower atmosphere and then radiate much of the energy back toward the surface. Without this natural greenhouse effect, the average surface temperature of the Earth would be about 60°F colder. However, human activities have been releasing additional heat-trapping gases, intensifying the natural greenhouse effect, thereby changing the Earth’s climate.

Climate is influenced by a variety of factors, both human-induced and natural. The increase in the carbon dioxide concentration has been the principal factor causing warming over the past 50 years. Its concentration has been building up in the Earth’s atmosphere since the beginning of the industrial era in the mid-1700s, primarily due to the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) and the clearing of forests. Human activities have also increased the emissions of other greenhouse gases, such as methane, nitrous oxide, and halocarbons. These emissions are thickening the blanket of heat-trapping gases in Earth’s atmosphere, causing surface temperatures to rise.

Global Warming Charts

Global Warming Charts

Global Warming Charts

Global Warming Charts

Global Warming Charts

Global Warming Charts

Global Warming Charts

Mr. Upton… How about Now?

Well we ALL know you will not change your tune as YOU have been paid off and Sold this Country and this Planet down the river for Personal Gain… Therefore You are SLIME!

Remember… and VOTE November 2nd!

The More things Change the More they remain the same.

I Remember how the Republican Party in just 8 short years nearly destroyed this country. The Radical Right Wing Brigade want you to believe that President Obama is a Socialist. The real sad thing here is the weak minded people who believe this are the very ones President Obama is fighting for, the Common Man. If all these “Conservatives” believe the Republicans and the Tea Party represent them, they are sadly mistaken.  Just WHO do you think has been funding all these radical, ignorant fools in the Tea Party? The Common man? NO, Big Business so that they can get these spineless idiots into congress to push their agendas, and if YOU Don’t Vote… Big Business Wins!

Wake up America! VOTE in November to send these Radical Whack Jobs like Beck, Palin, Angle, Paul, and O’Donnell a clear message.

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