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How each Political Party reacts to human tragedy

These two Collage Photos show a distinct difference between the Republican President and Party as compared to the Democratic President and Party when severe disasters hit humankind.

Katrina Disaster with Bush and McCain

From Republicans…

During Hurricane Katrina and the devastation that followed, then current President Bush was laughing it up with his brown nose buddy McCain celebrating his pathetic birthday while people were dying and suffering from the impact of Hurricane Katrina…

Sally Anthony "So Long" Music VideoLink To Sally Anthony “So Long” Music Video

From Democrats…

Obama and Hati Earthquake Disaster in Hati

A show of care, compassion, and commitment from President Obama for the Earthquake victims in Haiti. Quit a stark difference in not only policy, but in the care for fellow human beings in the wake of a severe disaster.

Seems to me that the Republicans and the Republican Party stands for War, Torture, and the lack of care for our fellow humans… The Republican Party DOES NOT Represent America and the things this country stands for. All they care about are their own personal agendas for the good of them and screw everyone else!

Wake Up America!

… And this surprises who?

Sarah from Alaksa Book

Sarah from Alaska courtesy of CBS

This morning on the CBS Early Show the new book “Sarah from Alaska” penned by campaign reporters Scott Conroy and Shushannah Walshe. The two writers said there was a “remarkable internal war” at the end of the campaign between Palin and McCain’s teams when the VP candidate was told she could not deliver a concession speech. So another words she was told to put a sock in it.

When McCain’s senior aide Carla Eudy found out that Palin wanted to be on the stage even when they were turning the lights out and starting to tear down the stage she told Palin’s adviser Jason Recher…

“You never had control of her,” she said, according to Recher. “Get control of her! Get her ass off stage!”

Oops… Seems a little testie at the bitter end LOL..

CBS was able to pull some excerpts from the book, specifically this portion about the “cram” for the Debate preparation…

THE OVERPOWERING SMELL OF cheeseburgers and French fries saturated the candidate’s suite at the Philadelphia Westin Hotel. About a dozen staffers shuffled around the table set up in the middle of the room where hundreds upon hundreds of five-by-seven-inch note cards were spread out in two-foot-high stacks. Palin had been locked in there for hours, cramming for her debate against Joe Biden. The biggest test of the campaign was less than a week away.

On the heels of the first round of Katie Couric interviews, her margin for error was nonexistent. Joe Lieberman, a veteran of a previous vice presidential debate, had been brought in to give Palin an idea of what to expect. The stifling air shortened everyone’s patience, and tensions were running especially high between debate prep coordinator Mark Wallace and foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann. It was the note cards that had first led to the longstanding feud between Wallace and Scheunemann a couple of weeks earlier. One of the aides wanted Palin to memorize them, while the other thought it better for her to learn conceptually. The spat made it all the way up the chain to Steve Schmidt, who told Scheunemann in no uncertain terms that he did not have the time for bickering between staffers and that they needed to sort it out. But the two men were still fuming at one another, and negative vibes permeated the room along with the smell of greasy food.

At the end of one cram session, Palin asked her advisers to run through the various trade agreements, including “who’s in NAFTA, who’s in CAFTA,” and so forth. It seemed an unremarkable request at the time. The advisers knew that the governor was, in fact, aware that the NAFTA treaty included the United States, Canada, and Mexico. But someone in the room with a penchant for whispering to reporters was taking mental notes. Come November, the anonymous source would pass Palin’s words along as part of a concerted effort to advance the exaggerated narrative that her handlers had been stymied in their heroic, yet futile, efforts to educate an ignoramus.

Well it seems that this political cartoon that surfaced around that time was Spot On other than the smell of the greasy fast food smell in the room.

Palin Debate Prep Cartoon

And the Tell All Book Confirms the Cartoon!

Dear John McCain, Well Grandpa you and your Republican handlers sure know how to pick’em and make good decisions. Maybe as more and more of this is leaked out, that Ditz Palin will finally fade into the Alaskan Sunset.

But please GOP don’t let us stop you… Go ahead and choose her for your representative for 2012, we’ll certainly love it!

Hey Right Wing Nuts… What do you think of your hero now?

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