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New Beck Retard Rally Video Surfaces…

At the Recent Glenn Beck Retard Rally a video surfaced of Mr. Beck practicing his “I Have a Teenage Dream” speech. Notice that Mr. Beck colored his hair to try and prevent being discovered practicing his speech.

Glenn… Are you wearing those skin tight jeans?

The Real Glenn Beck Teenage Dream…  You’re not fooling Anyone Glenn “I have a Teenage Dream” Beck… Well except for those Retards who cannot think for themselves.

Beck Has A Dream

Same Rant… Different Day

For those of you who missed Glenn Beck’s Speech Sunday here is a snippet of his speech with the crying and pathetic crybaby drama removed.

Same Tweet… Different Cry Baby

Then Ms. Crybaby Palin chimed in on Twitter crying about how the media downplayed the rally, at which point I responded.

Beck Rally Tweet from Palin

Finally we have some of Beck’s supporters…