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Another Hand Note Video!

Oh Ms. Palin I just love your whinny Double Standard Preaching and it’s enough to make EVERYONE Vomit! You are the Biggest Hypocrite to have ever walked this planet! This video was from June 12, 2009 of Palin appearing on the Today Show. Notice the part about two thirds of the way in when Palin makes a reference to an email that she received about Letterman’s comment. Guess where she is reading the email from? THE HAND!


The other theme of this video is how she is crying a river about Letterman and his comment and the Double Standard. Then this Stupid Ditz cites how Obama stated that Family was off limits during the 2008 election and yet how HER Family was fair game. Hmmmmmm Well let me clarify that for you Ms. Palin. Barack Obama did NOT Parade his Children around on the stage at the national convention and take them everywhere he went. YOU DID You Fucking Moron! If you want your children off Limits leave them at home where they belong. If you want your cake and to eat it to, be prepared to have Shit on the Shingle in your cake and deal with it.

Donny Deutsch Calls Palin a Hypocrite over Letterman’s Joke


Here is the Video from the other night following The Tea Pooper Convention where her cheat notes are on her hand. I wonder when she is keeping Putin in check if she’s written the Nuke Codes on her hand as well.


TP = Tea Party or Toilet Paper?

Well the Wasilla Hillbilly of the North came to the South to Spew her Hick Lingo on the Poor Saps who paid this moron $100,000 to do nothing more than to prove she still has the ability to create new words for the English language. Do you soggy dip shits like the idea of shelling out that kind of money to not only a tax fraud, but a Hillbilly Moron who feels her Folksy new words will somehow make their way into the the Merriam Webster Dictionary… You know like:

“How’s that hopey-changey stuff workin’ out for you?”

And even as bad as this is… Here is the Coup de Gras…

Palin Tea Party ConventionToilet Paper Tea Party Suckers!Check out this Video… The Toilet Paper Tea Baggers’ fearless leader is using Crib Notes Inked on the palm of her hand!!! Yes! You Heard Right! Now we know why she does not like Press to attend her events… We know why she jumped around to several colleges to finally get a pathetic degree in Journalism… She was probably caught cheating on her tests and just jumped to another school… Once a Cheat… Always a Cheat!

This single discovery will give the Late Night Comedians fodder for the next three years, and I smell a SNL skit on this one… Watch the Video.


So How do you Toilet Paper Tea Baggers feel now after giving this Ditz $100,000? This has to be the ultimate fleecing of America and of course she states that she did not do this for the money… You LIE! If that were the truth, you should have given the money back or donated it to charity.

Keep up the good work Ms. Palin! You are the Endless Joke for America!